The 30 innovative ways to use Google Glass in education

The style of giving and receiving education in this days have changed and so the students and teachers are now adapting to that. Receiving education now is not just sitting in a room with many students and listening to the teacher. The students are growing in curiosity and teachers have to be creative so that they will not be bored and they will enjoy learning. Companies have released programs and applications that are useful to education. This time let us learn about the Google Glass.

In the infographic, it was presented how Google Glass can be useful in education. It is illustrated how it can be used and instances that they can help are presented. There are other applications that could be used that offer also other features but in this time let us first understand about this as it has many useful features. It is really designed for learning for both educator and the students. While using the application they can discover many things that are related to it and how they can use.

Many of the features are already explained above. If you are new to this then you can also search and know about it so that you can be able to learn how to use it. One of the use is that students can communicate to the teacher at any time and they can ask questions and can have a tutorial. The class will be more interactive whether orally or written.