Looking into the educational rights of children in conflicted areas

Education is one of the basic human rights of a person wherever he may be located. He cannot be denied to his right as it will greatly affect his future. Ther are many problems that surround the education to be given to anyone. One of the areas of concern about education is the children who are in the conflicted areas and those who are in the humanitarian centers. They are just provided a space but aside from that, they cannot do anything more.

That is the concern that is being raised in this infographic. Because the children should also receive their right. Then what could be done for them? They cannot have a regular education because their country or place is under the control of war and only they can do is to search for food and be able to survive hoping that the war would end and they can be free again. But what awaits them after? They are left behind in school and they have to rebuild their homes that are in ruins.

It just creates a cycle of life of poverty that would not be solved unless actions could be done. One of the suggestions being made is that to double the amount of the humanitarian effort and also the volunteers that could go and teach the children. There are many who are ready to do the mission understanding the risk but they should still receive physical protection from the enemy attacks.