A survey on the state of creativity in education in 13 countries

In giving education, more and more educators now consider that they should be creative in delivering their lessons, especially in this times because of the result of the internet and the gadgets that students can avail. Educators know that they should be able to adapt to the situation of the world and they should make their students be prepared also for the future and so they should be ready not just in one aspect but in most or all aspect so they could be successful.

Having that in mind they cannot put it into action because of some hindrances that they can and cannot control. One of the reasons or barrier that educatorsĀ faced on not being that creative is the lack of resources. Educators are not treated well in all institutions that isĀ one of the reasons why they have to work on what they have and can produce. Others cannot be able to do what they thought because they are under the system implemented by the school.

They understood that using gadgets and other tools could improve their teaching and also the learning process of students. The problem is that the school cannot afford to provide the necessary tools and gadgets. Even if the educators are ready to adapt to the changes but still many schools are still dragging to make the positive decision. It is believed that it has a positive effect on the society as a whole the creative education.